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These loose choker style necklaces are casual and fun, but also useful.  They can be worn normally or for aromatherapy purposes.  The center pieces are  dyed lava stone starfish and the rest of the necklace is  hematite (both magnetic and nonmgnetic).  The magnetic hematite ensures a better fit and that it will adhere to itself.


Natural lava stone is porous, which lends itself to being a great portable aromatherapy tool. Drop a few drops of essential oils onto the starfish and it will retain the scent for a few days.  Once the scent is gone, you can repeat the process.


materials: natural stone


Hematite is a natural material known for its calming and stress relief properties as well as  enhancing blood circulation.  It has been known to reduce headaches, blood pressure problems, and negative emotions.


Fits almost anyone.  This is due to the fact that is is made out of memory wire, which can stretch to fit almost any size neck and go back into its original shape. This necklace will best fit a person who has a neck that is small to average.

Starfish Lavastone Collection

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